Management and Technical Integration Management

PDG's Technical Integrated Design and Management System

An innovative approach to project management helps save the environment, one product at a time. PDG uses Technical Integration Management (TIM), a method that reduces costs using all business disciplines as an integrated design management process. The TIM process reduces cost with each business discipline. Example: PDG is a laminating specialist and the results of the TIM process are easily seen. PDG created an eco-friendly laminating process, that produced a ballistic panel for home construction, which looked like wood, stone, or stucco. The panels reduced the waste stream by 30 cubic yards per home and lowered air emissions. In addition, the product is 100% recyclable at the end of product use. In the end, the panels increased speed of production, lowered waste, lowered emission, and lowered cost. Other elements, that come from this management process, are wider acceptance by the public and the industry that your company operates in. 


Fully integrated design - exploded view


Fully integrated design - assembled view


Fully integrated design - roof application


Application of TIM process in production