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Pingel Design Group

Pingel Design Group (PDG) founded in 1992 by Nathan Pingel, as an industrial design firm with a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to new product and service innovation. PDG’s design strategy is drawn from the Bauhaus concept of design and production.

Design Philosophy/Process

Our strengths as a design firm are: competence, experience, flexibility and creativity. PDG’s design philosophy emphasizes:

  • Using Earth stewardship design principles create sustainable products and processes, answering client needs.
  • A pliable design approach, working with the client to develop attractive, highly marketable, cost-effective, product/project solutions.
  • Independent research to find the best fit in technology, materials and production.
  • Modularity in systems and materials; balancing cutting-edge technology with industry-proven, standard goods.
  • Experience with an exceptional variety of systems and materials.
  • PDG is committed to the client’s goals and future achievements.

Design • Engineer • Build

The PDG Pingel Design Group team can help the client from conceptualization; research, product development, design, cost reviews, prototype construction and manufacturing. In short we design, engineer and build solutions for you.

Our company is setup to develop products, which can be spun-off as new companies. PDG on occasions has become a partner with the client on the new development.

We cover the following areas: Retail and industrial product design, industrial recycling equipment, earth stewardship process, product prototyping, manufacturing equipment, packaging, point of purchase design, marketing plans, graphics, social media, project planning, business plans and finance.