Manufacturing Design

3D drawing of rotating jig   photo of rotating jig construction    photo of rotating jig completed   photo of rotating jig completed with steel component being constructed

Begins with use of 100% recyclable materials

The PDG design stressed platform production. Individual steel components or "cells" are assembled and welded in specially designed jigs, including ceiling joists, floor joists and plate plus interior walls. The cells are produced in different sizes to meet all market needs. This design reduced the plant floor footprint by 20%, saving capital costs.

  • Purchase materials that require less processing
  • Convert waste into usable material
  • Reduce waste
photo of component construction   photo of component with ceiling joists and steel plate floor   photo of component with panel   photo of 2 components in construction photo of small and large panels   photo of large panel   photo of large panel being placed on steel component   photo of component with all panels attached   photo of 2 components completed   photo of component being picked up by ZoomBoom   photo of completed component being loaded on semi trailer

PDG creates environmentally friendly equipment and manufacturing processes

PDG's unique building system is based on interchangeable structural "cells" with exterior panels, that look and feel like wood, stone, brick and slate. These components (cells) can be used in a variety of configurations to product homes of different architectural styles and readily customizable floor plans.

Two types of panels allow for quick design changes and mass production cost effectiveness.

  • Fast assembly
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced frustration in plant
  • Flexibility in design
  • Exceeds market requirements
  • Recyclable
  • Durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Hurricane 5 rated