Design and Product Development

PDG–Pingel Design Group is a multi-disciplinary industrial design and engineering firm with a 21st century approach to new product/service innovation. PDG's design strategy is drawn from the Bauhaus concept of design and production; an institution for training skilled craftspeople by working collaboratively with industry developing prototypes suitable for mass production. PDG has added to this collaborative base by developing “Technical Integrated Management” (TIM) which brings together other disciplines to create a total solution – Design, Engineering,Building, Processing, Material Sciences, Systems, Production, Environmental Manufacturing, Marketing, Finance.

PDG creates environmentally friendly equipment and manufacturing processes

PDG manufactures environmentally-friendly composite and steel products on a turnkey basis. The products range from:

wireframe of 1600 sq ft steel home wireframe of small steel home drafting of dumpster enclosure 3D rendering of bio-gas production system

Green component based factory housing


Industrial fencing, 100% recyclable

Biogas production reactor

  • Bio-reactors to wind turbine design
  • Manufactured housing
  • Factory design
  • Processing equipment
  • Problem-solving unique to your firm’s operation

PDG emphasizes less air pollution, reduction in waste stream, longer lasting products and more efficient energy usage. All at pricing that is competitive.

Product Development

Increasing part size simplifies construction, increases quality. The Company has developed a slate of technical solutions designed to optimize homebuilding and building processes through streamlining and simplification. This combined with innovations in material technology, reduce costs. Technical integrated design allows structure to be lifted at roof section and placed on foundation reducing assembly time. Other benefits are:

steel framework of out buildingoutbuilding on overhead craneout building being loaded on semi trailer from overhead crane   completed out building
  • Stronger structures
  • Fewer parts
  • Higher quality
  • Reduction in cost

Innovative Approach – Helps save the environment, one product at a time. PDG uses Technical Integration Management, a method which continuously reduces costs using all business disciplines. The integrated method helped develop PDG’s eco-friendly laminating process by reducing waste, lowering emissions with the end results lowering cost. The process also helped in our mold design, lowering capital costs.