Earth Stewardship Design and Engineering

photo of panel testing close up photo of welder low emission resin pump

Product and equipment testing

Resolve process problems

Low emission resin pumps

photo of industrial drum cleaner photo of industrial drum cleaner photo of industrial drum crusher photo of industrial drum crusher

Container cleaning and recycling systems

Equipment to recycle industrial containers

PDG creates environmentally friendly equipment and manufacturing processes. PDG designs and manufactures retail products, green construction related products and green processing equipment.

  • Lowered cost
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Environmentally friendly
drafting of dumpster enclosure   drafting of dumpster enclosure-exploded view   photo of completed dumpster enclosure   photo of completed trash compactor enclosure

Environmental recycling equipment is developed from concept, testing, prototyping to production in a short period of time reducing cost. The management method which is used (TIM) creates streamlining, simplification and innovations which reduces cost in production.

Innovative Approach – PDG's laminating system yields lower emissions than standard industrial methods

PDG’s, proven molding technology enables the Company to create large panels that fully capture the aesthetics of natural wood, stone, tile or other material (reducing costs, increasing product value) all within an environmentally friendly operation. Standardized methods allow for a greatly simplified installation process, superior quality control.